Wins: 7 - Losses: 15
Standing: 10th


D2 Men's Volleyball Roster 2019-2020

#PlayerTeamPositionHeightProgramGrad Year
1canMatthew Andrade VieraMen’s Division 2Libero5'8"Child Studies1
2canZacharie MakeenMen’s Division 25'10"Computer Science Technology1
3canDavid BoghenMen’s Division 2Libero5'11Pure and applied Science2
4canRiley GreenMen’s Division 25'10"General Social Science1
5canrwaKevin Armstrong RwigambaMen’s Division 2Middle6'0Computer Science 2
6canMark GorlovskyMen’s Division 25'10"Professional Photography2
7canRohaan Yajiv Sai LuckheenarainMen’s Division 25'8"Pure and Applied Science1
8canHyeokbin ChoMen’s Division 25'11"Pure and Applied Science1
9canJonathan ChristopherMen’s Division 2Power5'9General Social Science2
11canSimeon DobrevMen’s Division 25'10"Environmental Studies1
12canKael Mckeown-OpasinskiMen’s Division 25'10"Cinema Communications 1
13canSamuel Boudreau-CarrierMen’s Division 25'10"Physiotherapy Technology1
14canCharles SimonMen’s Division 26'2"Electronics Technology2
15canAlessio ConteMen’s Division 25'9"General Social Science1


2019 -2020