Wins: 0 - Losses: 0
Standing: 0th


Women's Division 1 December 10,2021 19:45-21:45 Dawson College - Westmount Arena

4675 Rue Ste-Catherine O, Westmount, QC H3Z 1S4, Canada
Women's Division 1 December 11,2021 19:15-21:15 Dawson College - Westmount Arena

4675 Rue Ste-Catherine O, Westmount, QC H3Z 1S4, Canada


D1 Women's Roster 2020-2021

#PlayerTeamPositionGAHHeightProgramGrad Year
2canGabriella TribelliWomen’s Division 1Left Defence0005'2General Social Science2
2canMikaela PhungWomen’s Division 1Left Defence0005'5"Pure and Applied Science (Enriched)1
7canAnna WaldieWomen’s Division 1Center0005'7"Community Recreational Leadership1
8canJessica LegaultWomen’s Division 1Right Defence0005'7" Child Studies2
11Kyla MorrisWomen’s Division 1Left Wing0005'8Social Science3
12canDaphnee LemayWomen’s Division 1Right Defence0005'5"Environmental Science1
13canSydney Kormos-SpingerWomen’s Division 1Right Wing0005'8Health Science1
14canZoe BoosamraWomen’s Division 1Center, Right Wing0005'6"Health Science1
15canJessy HaykalWomen’s Division 1Left Wing0005'6"Springboard1
16canAnika HendersonWomen’s Division 1Left Wing0005'8General Social Science1
18canMichelle NganWomen’s Division 1Left Wing0005'5"Health Science1
19canCatherine LamondeWomen’s Division 1Center, Left Wing0005'4Health Science3
20Maia BerensonWomen’s Division 1Left Wing0005'04Pure and Applied Science2
21canMarika HillmanWomen’s Division 1Left Wing0005'9General Social Science2
22canOceane MoreauWomen’s Division 1Left Defence0005'9"Social Science General: Conted1
23suiOona EmmmenggerWomen’s Division 1Center0005'8Social Science General: Conted1
27canAlexandra JohnsonWomen’s Division 1Right Defence0005'10 General Social Science2
30canSophie RoyWomen’s Division 1Goaler0005'2Pure and Applied Science2
31canWill TeppermanWomen’s Division 1Goaler0005'5" Health Science (Enriched)1
66canChristina StathasWomen’s Division 1Center, Left Wing0005'5Social Science General: Conted2
77canJasmine GregoryWomen’s Division 1Left Defence0005'8General Social Science1