Virtual Tony Proudfoot Ergathon: Week of April 26th –  30th, 2021

The Tony Proudfoot Ergathon is a unique event in Quebec.

Organized by the Dawson Rowing Team, it benefits ALS Quebec and the Rowing Team’s own activities.

This year’s event is FREE!

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All participants must complete the Registration Form.  Tax receipts are automatically generated for donations $25 or above.

The winning Competitive Men’s and Women’s Teams will receive a TPE t-shirt.

Who is Tony Proudfoot, why ALS Quebec?

Tony Proudfoot was an Alouette, a Dawson College Teacher, a coach, and a sports commentator. His diagnosis with ALS was a catalyst for creating this event. ALS Quebec is a resource for those affected by ALS and it helps fund research into ALS-related science.

What is an Ergathon?

Five person teams compete in two categories, Recreational or Competitive, in order to go the maximum distance in 75 minutes. Prizes will be given for the longest distance in the Recreational category and the Competitive Men’s and Women’s categories. 


RECREATIONAL (recommended 5-10 team members)

Mainly for non-rowers, recreational rowers,  rowers’ families, friends, or those who wish to participate in a semi-competitive atmosphere.

COMPETITIVE (5 team members maximum)

  • Competitive Men’s:  For teams of male rowers and mixed teams with at least one male member.

  • Competitive Women’s: For teams of female rowers.

Each competitor will be a member of a team.  

To register for a particular team, please put the team name in the appropriate box on the registration form.

Those who would like to compete but do not have a team need only to check the appropriate box on the registration form requesting to be placed on one.


Virtual Format

Once you have registered for the event using the form above, you will be emailed privileges to edit a Google Doc (see below).

Virtual Event Rules:
  • Each teammate can do as much of the total time as they wish, strategy is yours to decide, but each team member must complete their distance in one workout.

  • Each team member must complete their section of the workout in 75 minutes total (time on + rest). Ex. Arthur has agreed to pull 15 minutes of the total time, in order to maximize his distance he will pull 15x (1min on/4 min rest).

  • The times (time on) of your team will be added up and cannot exceed 75 minutes. (The rest time will not be counted).

  • Please send a photo of the erg screen of your pieces to




What is “Erging”?

The use of an ergometer or rowing machine is a full body exercise that simulates the rowing movement. The Concept-2 ergometer is the acknowledged standard machine for this activity.

The rowing movement is easy to learn. Please refer to this video for a basic overview:



If you have any questions, please contact us at

You can also sign up for the Facebook Event here.


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All participants must complete the Registration Form. Tax receipts are automatically generated for donations $25 or above.