Wins: 1 - Losses: 11
Standing: 6th

Game Schedule

Baseball Schedule 2022

DateEventTime/ResultsLeagueSeasonVenueArticleMatch Day
Dawson @ John AbbottCo-Ed2022-2023-
Drummondville vs DawsonCo-Ed2022-2023-
Dawson @ DrummondvilleCo-Ed2022-2023-
Dawson @ Beauce-AppalachesCo-Ed2022-2023-
Beauce-Appalaches vs DawsonCo-Ed2022-2023-
Dawson @ Édouard-MontpetitCo-Ed2022-2023-
Dawson @ André-LaurendeauCo-Ed2022-2023-
Dawson @ André-LaurendeauCo-Ed2022-2023-
John Abbott vs DawsonCo-Ed2022-2023-
Édouard-Montpetit vs DawsonCo-Ed2022-2023-
André-Laurendeau vs DawsonCo-Ed2022-2023-
John Abbott vs DawsonCo-Ed2022-2023-


Baseball Roster 2022-23

#PlayerPositionProgramGrad YearHt
1canEmma BrodeurCenter field, Left fieldCinema and Communications20225'6"
2canSamuele Joseph D’Ambra-VioliCenter field, PitcherCommerce20235'9"
4canGabriel FigeysPitcher3D Animation & Computer Gen. Imagery20225'9"
5canGianni RuffoloPitcher, Second baseGeneral Social Science20245'8"
7canJoshua FigeysCatcherGraphic Design20236'1"
8canVincenzo CianciCommerce2022-
9canMichael RealeCatcherPhysiotherapy Technology20256'1"
10canAlex Davila Alonso---
12canJayden Dector---
14canespAlejandro Fernandez De LandaFirst base, OutfieldExploration Science20235'11"
16canJoshua David LiebmanFirst baseGeneral Social Science20246'4"
20canNicolas Dufour-VranasFirst baseGeneral Social Science20245'10"
22canDean Lewis Fleming---
24canMassimo MatteoPitcher, Right fieldBusiness Management and Marketing Technologies20256'0"
26canAndrew Boyer---
34canLiam RosenbergPitcher, ShortstopMarketing & Management Technologies20236'2"
37canMathilde Baillie---
42mexcanDiego Castro ArellanoSecond base, ShortstopGeneral Social Science20235'8"


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1 Brodeur Emma, 2 Malinoff Adam, 5 Arcaro Michael, 8 Hamakiotis Athanasios, 9 Shporer Harrison, 10 Patel Milan, 11 Glazer Ryan, 14 Leclerc Benjamin, 15 Cianci Vincenzo, 16 Fixman Matthew, 22 Lafortune Mathieu, 24 Castro Arellano Diego, 25 Tilli Massimiliano, 26 Yip Stephen, 32 Rosenberg Liam, 34 Dubuc-Doyle Benjamin, 42 Breault Florian, 55 Uditsky Jamie