Rowing Roster 2018-2019

Joseph AladasCo-ed Crew5'11"Commerce2
Tatiana GordoaCo-ed Crew5'6"North-South Studies2
Raphael KaiserCo-ed Crew6'2"Industrial Design2
Anthony LemelinCo-ed Crew5'11"Travel and Tourism Studies3
Anna Rosa PercocoCo-ed Crew5'3"North-South Studies2
Juliet YildizCo-ed Crew5'9"Languages2
Mark HyattCo-ed Crew5'7''General Social Science3
Alexandre PhamCo-ed Crew5'6"Environmental Science3
Zoe AlapiCo-ed Crew5'6General Social Science2
Cardinal OliverCo-ed Crew5'9"Civil Engineering Tech. 1
Francois GareauCo-ed Crew6'1"Commerce1
Romy ShoamCo-ed Crew5'3Liberal Arts1
Christian Bolanos LatorreCo-ed Crew6'4Business (Marketing)1
Gabrielle BeauvaisCo-ed Crew5'4Psychology1
Ada SantavyCo-ed Crew5'3Pure & Applied Science1
Julie Killens Le BretonCo-ed Crew5'2Languages & Communication 1
Christina KoukolasCo-ed Crew5'9International Business 1
Catherine HowisonCo-ed Crew5'5North-South Studies1
Jillian LothCo-ed Crew5'5Cinema & Communications1
Judi JandaliCo-ed Crew5'6Psychology1
Catherine MayersCo-ed Crew5'6Biomedical 1
Sam MacIverCo-ed Crew6'2"Environmental Science 1





Aidan Trudel5'9General Social1
Alexandra Krawvets5'5Commerce1
Ali Dali6'1Computer Science2
Andrew Boeckh6'3Pure and Applied Science1
Claire Peacock5'7Social Science2
Crystal Tsai Pei-Yi5'10Studio Arts1
Declan McCool6'0General Social2
Emma Bandia5'10Liberal Arts1
Gabriel Corbeil5'3Cinema Video Communications3
Hannah Tait5'4Evening Division2
Melanie Piggot-Nardozza5'5Cinema Communications1
Micah Peart5'11Social Science1
Natalia Czaharyn5'7Visual Arts2
Noah Ferrarotto6'0Pure and Applied Science2
Noami Aly5'7Law, Society and Justice3
Owen Dunkley5'10Healt Science2
Rebecca Dohnal5'5Pure and Applied Science2
Sam Camel6'1Pure and Applied Science2
Sara Bissonette5'73D Animation and CCE1
Sarah Li5'4Commerce1
Solenne Bedard5'4Photography2
Tyler Spiekman5'11Psychology2
William Po Wei Chien5'5Psychology2
Zoe Rheaume5'5Physical Rehabilitation1