Cheerleading Roster

Julia PisaturoWomen’s Division 2Base, Gymmer5'2"Law, Society & Justice1
Léa LarinWomen’s Division 2Flyer4'11"Psychology1
Dakota ParentWomen’s Division 2Base5'3"Psychology1
Juliana Ngo DuyWomen’s Division 2Flyer5'2"Pure & Applied2
Rachelle HarrisWomen’s Division 2Back5'9"Pure & Applied1
Munkhsarnai BisaillonWomen’s Division 2Base5'4"Law, Society & Justice1
Zariah DavyWomen’s Division 2Base5'1"Psychology2
Ashley JosephWomen’s Division 2Base5'3"Cinema-Communications2
Eliana MarraWomen’s Division 2Base, Flyer5'1"CRLT2
Justin BourgeoisWomen’s Division 2Back, Base, Gymmer5'9"Social Science2
Ashley EthierWomen’s Division 2Flyer, Gymmer5'1"Social Science1
Carly TurnerWomen’s Division 2Flyer5'4"Social Science2
Ora BarWomen’s Division 2Base, Flyer5'2"Modern Languages2
Ying Jian SunWomen’s Division 2Flyer5'3"Social Science2
Erin Mac NabWomen’s Division 2Base5'5"Psychology2
Talia LegerWomen’s Division 2Base5'4"Social Science2
Bailey WilkinsonWomen’s Division 2Back, Gymmer5'9"Social Science2
Tatiana LatreilleWomen’s Division 2Flyer5'2"Cinema-Communications2
Mélody SannonWomen’s Division 2Back, Gymmer5'7"Psychology1
Inès Raymond-DaoudiWomen’s Division 2Base5'2"Law, Society & Justice2
Maya MasleyWomen’s Division 2Base5'7"Health Science2
Rimma PyatkovskayaWomen’s Division 2Base5'4"North-South Studies1
Megan LebeauWomen’s Division 2Base5'7"Health Science1
Sandrine RochonWomen’s Division 2Back5'8"Languages1
Jasmine Meek-SauriolWomen’s Division 2Base5'4"Social Science2
Didier DorsainvilWomen’s Division 2Back6'2ALC2
Sophie Jones-GlickWomen’s Division 2Gymmer5'6"Pure and applied Science1



Andreea Angelescu5'4Psychology1
Ariana Maria Cojocaru5'5Law, Society and Justice1
Breanna Sheman5'4Child Studies1
Christina Gebeil5'0Health Science2
Duy Anh Truong5'9General Social Science1
Karin Plis5'1Health Science2
Kassina-Daniella Lapalluci5'4Child Studies3
Kelly Rossiter5'3Child Studies1
Kelly Saleh5'2Child Studies2
Kristine Lee5'5Commerce2
Liliane Lai5'3Social Science2
Linxin Feng5'1Psychology1
Meghan Quesnel5'6Child Studies1
Natasha Goods5'4C.A.L.L.2
Noemie Kone5'6Social Science3+
Phoebe Major Mewse5'2Professional Theatre2
Phuong Thu Cecilia Ho5'2Law, Society and Justice1
Samantha Dade5'1General Social Science2
Talia Dumlu5'3International Business1

Regular Season